Learning to Teach
Day 12: Library Day 2

The second day in the library I felt went better that the previous day. The students seemed to me more focused and understanding of what they should be doing. One of the other reasons might be because I had told them that they needed to find two particular things and that I would be awarding points if they had them by the end of the period.

This type of "motivation" I find works with my classes, it also is a nice way to give everyone points and also shows that they are doing some in class.

Before we went to the library I needed to explain to my students what a primary and secondary source is. This was something I had encountered the day before and seemed to be explaining a lot so I figured I would address that instead of doing my originally planned activating strategy. I made sure that I spoke clearly and was not speaking to fast, even though I wanted to get my classes down to the library. I thought of examples that related to them and were easy to understand.

Most students when we got to the library looked like they had most of the information that they would need for the paper, and everyone met the check as I went around to each table. We will see how this will translate over when we get back in the classroom and begin writing the papers.

One thing that notice that I should rely more on the rubric during the lessons so I could refer the students in the right direction.

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