how to make it a career

Being a magician can be amazing! Bewildering audiences with a pack of cards, performing the perfect escape, and doing the impossible. But you don't just become a good magician. Like anything, it takes time. It's up to you if it pays off.


In order to be a great magician, you must be able to work with varying crowds. From children to elderly, naive to skeptical, it's your job to keep them entertained. Your tricks must also have plenty of variety. If you are doing the same tricks over and over, your act will become boring. Practice is, however, the most important requirment. The more time you put into your tricks, the better you will become.


There is no real educational requirements, as there are no magic schools. However, an apprenticeship is recommended.


The income at first is very low, at a median of $49,000 a year, though with time this could go into the hundreds of thousands!

Future Outlook

Only 4% of people who try to become a magician will actually become a professional.


You get to be a child everyday, and explore the depths of your mind. You can also become famous if you are good enough at fooling your crowd, who knows you might even be able to trick people into thinking that your amazing.

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Party Entertainer

Why this Career????????????

I choose this career because I like magic. Not only is it every kids dream, but it sounds really fun.


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