European Exploration Proposal

By: Betty Zhao

Enjoy the song as you learn why I'm the best explorer to send to the "new world."

I'm here to serve you with the best way to help our beloved country, by obtaining more territory and things that can increase the economy.

With your support, I plan on leaving during 1364, when Charles V was crowned leader of France.

Since the leader was known as the Wise, I'm sure he'll be wise enough to pick me as the explorer.

However, of all people, why me?

(FYI there is no reason to ask that.)

The Plan

Most explorers' route turned to be the best route...for the time being. I have  looked at many maps of their courses. They were successful, but it was the long way.  My route is fast and easy, making a simple journey.

Many other explorer have done and experience this journey. For example: John Cabot, Christopher Columbus, Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, and more.

They have all either looked for gold, places to trade, land, or find a northern passage to the Orient. All of the explorers succeed in an average way. I plan on accomplishing mine by coming back with all the men and complete each expectation.

If we come upon Native people, I will try to become friends and make an alliance. If we come   upon any trouble, they will back us up. If we come upon other Europeans,   though, we will attack them, if they don’t see us. If it would happen in   reverse and they threaten us, I will do my best to compromise, so nothing   happens.

Although that's the main goal, I'll be doing other things that interest me. Getting gold, herbs, and valuable resources was on my list to begin with.

I plan on getting these for mine own good. By obtaining gold, I won't have to worry about budgets and debts because, who has it when gold is on your side! Without it, you 'll worry big time. Problem is, I still have a issue. There can be a disease coming at you at anytime. There are many remedies that are not good enough to cure them, though. By getting herbs there, where you can't get from France, the citizens can be proud and strong.  We can all be proud, but inside we know that we lack a lot of valuable resources, like everybody else. If we get valuable, new resources, we can add on and make France a more efficient economy.

It’s easy to except being short on food or getting lost. By making friends with the native people, they can support us. If we are stuck in the storm we will go with way the storm leads us. Many have been stubborn by fighting it, causing the results to be bad. By doing it that way, there’s a chance of survival.

If you want some too, sponsor me! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!


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