What is the best gift you have ever gotten?

By: Evan King, Yianni Costarides, and Walker McBride

Here are some people who shared what was their best gift they have ever gotten.

Evan- " The best gift I have ever gotten was the Iphone 5s. My current phone was broken and I had asked for a new one. I asked for the Iphone 5s but my dad said he was going to get me another Iphone 4. I was arguing with my dad because my current phone was the Iphone 4 and I had wanted an upgrade. So I stormed off to my room and slammed the door because I was very upset. About two weeks later, I came home from school and I had saw a package that was the size of a phone. I assumed it was my new Iphone 4 but when I opened it, it was an Iphone 5s. I was very happy and ran to my dad to thank him. That is the best gift I have ever gotten".

Yianni- "The best gift I've ever gotten was an R/C car. I really liked this remote controlled car because, it could go really fast, like around 25-30 mph, before my brother destroyed it. My brother destroyed it when I made my car crash into my brother while he was longboarding, and besides he was pretty bad at longboarding. And of course he got as mad as he could be, so he ripped of the top, which was plastic held to gether by those little metal things, and he stopped on the little electronics, and it was broken. But my parents got me a new one, but if I any thing like that again, then it would be gone forever. That is the best gift I have ever gotten".

Walker- " The best gift I ever got was my computer because now that I have my own computer, I can do lots of more things than I could do on my family and friends computer. For example, I can install more things for homework or just to keep myself from being bored. Another example is using it for friends to borrow when they truly need it. That is the best gift I have ever gotten".

You should always be thankful for your parents for getting the stuff you asked for.

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