Love and faithfulness...

Hello!  My name is Karleen Jung and I'm a new affiliated student at Luther.  I'm also new to Minnesota--just arriving a week ago.

I was born in South Dakota and grew up on a ranch near Timber Lake, a small town west of the Missouri River.

At 19, I moved to So. California and lived there for most of my adult life.  Until two years ago, I worked full-time in the labor and social justice movement in Los Angeles as an organizer, a contract negotiator, a labor rep and, eventually, directing statewide organization, including one in Texas.  This work was important for me because it allowed me to connect my faith and beliefs about justice with a vocation.

At the same time, I worked in part-time worship and music ministry in several Lutheran churches in the Foothill area of Los Angeles.  I am a classically-trained pianist and pipe organist and along the way learned to conduct various choirs.  This was important to me, too, because it allowed me to connect my musical gifts with ministry.  It's this work that eventually led me to seminary.

Somewhere, along the way, I knew that God would connect the dots and bring all of my experiences, my education and my gifts together to really serve him.  So, to prepare for that, I began to attend Fuller Seminary on a part-time basis.

And, while attending Fuller, I continued to do music ministry and justice work.  I also raised my son, Michael.  Two years ago, he brought his new wife, Kamrin, into our family.

And, this past summer, I finally graduated from Fuller with my M.Div. with an emphasis in Worship and Music.  I was also entranced into candidacy in the ELCA.

So, that's why I'm here at Luther!  God has connected the dots for me, bringing me through many joys and sadnesses, highs and lows, challenges and victories to this place and this time.  Mostly, though, God has been faithful all along the way. And, for this, I'm thankful!

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