Wednesday WARS!


CONNECTIONS: T-W+T in the book there was a lot about Shakespeare like Shakespeare plays, sayings/quotes, and reading about Shakespeare,etc.. In real life people still go to his plays, read his poems/books, and use his sayings/quotes in our every day language we just don't realize it.  T-S In the beginning, Hollings teacher doesn't really like him. And i think my music teacher pretty much hates me. T-S when my dad was going to get his new office built, he had to choose between 4 architects' design plans. Hollings dad is an architect, and he gave his plans to a businessman, and his plans got chosen instead of Mary Lee's dad. AHA-MOMENT+WONDERING my wondering/prediction was right(for once)! My prediction was that Ms. Baker's husband is in the Vietnam War/army. And later on Ms. Baker got a telegram saying that her husband was the LT in/for the Vietnam War, and his helicopter got shot down in Khesanh and they couldn't find him. IMPRESSIONS: FUNNY the main(and one of the only) parts that made me laugh was when Holling said he was going to be night for the play, but when he tried out for the part the only spot available was a mermaid or a fairy. So Holling tried to chose the least embarrassing part which was the fairy, but man was he wrong because the fairy had to where feathers on his butt, head, elbows, and he had to where a tight, shiny, thin wet suit(the ones the gymnastic people where).  

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3 years ago

I really liked it and that book was fun reading to.