Hominids:Doubly Wise Man

by Mckenna Crabtree

The doubly wise mans traits.

The Doubly Wise man painted on cave walls and floors. They used animal fat and berries to color the paint so they could use it. animal fat is thick and oily so when you mix the berries in the will make paint.They made the bow and arrow as a weapon to hunt with they ate fish and they animals that they could shoot with the bow and arrow.they are the closest thing we will get to be a human back then.the doubly wise man was the smartest thing in that will live in the stone age.The doubly wise man has a really big brain larger than all the other hominids.They did wear clothing when it did start to get colder in the winter.They were the closest thing to a human.

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2 years ago

it was good but has some mistakes.