All About Consumers

Consumers eat other organisms to get energy. There are three diffrent types of consumers carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore. In this presentation I will tell you what is special about each one.

Quite a few eat meat this type is called a carnivore carnivores only eat meet. Carnivores are normally king of the food chain. They`re good at running, and normally have a good sense of smell. They have sharp teeth to eat meat. They live in sahara`s, and plain lands where they have places to hunt.

Herbivores eat plants. They`re normally bottom of the food chain. They`re good at climbing, and hiding. They have flat teeth to eat plants. Alot of herbivores live in trees, and in forests were there are plenty of places to live, and food.

Omnivores eat both plants, and meat. They are good at running, hunting, and chasing. They have sharp teeth, and flat teeth to eat both meat, and plants. They live anywhere around the world, and are good at adapting.

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