Mobile Learning Apps

An overview of several mobile apps for use in the education environment.

1.The Elements: A Visual Exploration: This app allows students to view the periodic table of elements in a more visual rich way. As well as providing easy access to a useful table of information, the visual emphasis can greatly aide those learners who need that kind of association in the classroom to better understand the table.

2. Sentence Builder App for Ipad: This app is designed to help elementary aged children with building up their grammar skills by helping them to design grammatically correct sentences. In an education environment this app would help greatly as a teaching tool for students who have difficulty using a pen and paper or struggle with more traditional worksheets when it comes to grammar.

3. Preposition Builder: This app uses visual support and goal motivation to teach students how to properly use prepositions and how they effect sentence structure and meaning. The app gives both visual and auditory feedback as students work towards the goal of completing the story of the app in a module format. This app would work great in teaching students with barriers when it comes to more traditional teaching methods such as worksheets and would work best in a 1-1 tutoring environment or projected onto a IWS as a collaborative lesson.

4. Documents To Go: This app allows students or teachers to access all of Microsoft office from any device anywhere and provides a 2 way file sync meaning edits on one device will changed the same document on all owned devices. This app could be used for students to work better on essays and lengthy take home assignments by allowing them to maximize their work time without having to fiddle with sending documents back and forth from home to school devices.

5. Rainbow Sentences App: By using color coding, students are taught how to construct grammatically correct sentences as each part of a sentence, the who, what, where, and why are each color coded to allow students to better understand how these make and change sentence meaning and structure. With this use of color coding, visual learners and students who struggle with traditional teaching methods and need that extra differentiation can greatly benefit from this app.

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