how to survive the zombie apocalypse

By Alex Elsenboss

                                                          need a big food supple and a lot of water so you would not have to lose food right when  it happens you will be good for food.

2. then you would need to put up protection for your house so that zombies can't break in and eat your brains.

3. then you would need something to protect yourself from zombie's so that they don't eat your brains.

4. then you would need a flashlight so if the power went out so that you could see.

5.never go to the inception part of the apocalypse so you would be safe from the zombies .

6.don't be loquacious or you will have to run away from zombies so be quiet .

7.then you would need to have transpiration if you need to get more supplies.

8.Then you would need to have an escape plan if zombies start to invade you house.

9.then you would need to get to a much safer place if zombies invade your house maybe in the forest or some were secluded would be good in this case.

10.finally you would need to try to find a cure so that you can be able to stop the zombie apocalypse. make sure you act like them zombies doing it thou.

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