Technology Tidbit Tuesday

Blogging can refine students' writing skills and build their confidence as writers. Blogging can assist students in taking ownership of their writing, become more valuable observers of others' writing, and broaden a more immediate and powerful understanding of audience.  Blogging can be seen as an entry experience for students who will likely be using digital technologies in their future endeavors.

Here are 5 ways students can use a blog:

  • Responses to readings
  • Maintain a writer's notebook
  • Brainstorming
  • Writing practice
  • Creating a showcase for final projects

Check out this YouTube video on 10 ways to use Edublogs to teach.

Check out this list of class blogs on The Edublogger.   This page was set up by Edublog (powered by WordPress) so you can explore different types of blogs to get ideas for your own class blog.  If you already have an established class blog, you can also use this same list to make connections with classes in other countries.

I use Kidblog for my book clubs and author studies in the library.  Kidblog was created by teachers for teachers and can be easily managed.  Check out my Kidblog here.

Happy Blogging!

Mrs. Redfern