We have to put an end to it!

HIV/AIDS is one of the most lethal disease

HIV/AIDS is a disease that have been around since the 1960's originally diagnosed in Congo. It has now spread across the world and affected close to 75 million people. It has to stop and for it to do so, we can't just sit here and hope that the numbers are going to decrease with time... We have to help the people around us to know about the risks and the consequences that this disease can put you, your family and your friends through.

A local organization here in Quebec, named Farha Foundation, is a really good example how to raise awareness concerning HIV/AIDS. First of all, they arrange all kind of events. For example, they organize a 7 km walk in September reuniting thousands of people; they plan a masked ball in which they earned 250 000$ this year and they have third party events in which they receive a percentage of money in all the items sold during the day.

Just in Quebec, 20 000 people are infected and 26% of them doesn't even know it. Thanks to Farha Foundation, Quebec's leading HIV/AIDS fundraising organization, 9,3 million dollars have been donated to 76 HIV/AIDS organizations across Quebec since 1992.

We have to act fast and open our eyes on this constantly growing and fatal disease. The biggest risk is not knowing!

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