Car rentals ICELAND

Finding the right rental car when on a holiday abroad can often times be quite exasperating. Either you have to rent a larger vehicle than required or rent a vehicle that you are unfamiliar with. Add to this the fact that until recently, Iceland could be quite an expensive place to rent a vehicle. Enter and everything changed.

Car rentals in Iceland Made Easy

Icelanders are known for their innovativeness and entrepreneur skills. Car owners in Iceland came together and launched with the intent to offer their cars to tourists on a rental basis. Locally purchased, these cars are all build to be operated in the harsh climatic conditions of Iceland and include heaters, appropriate tyres and fuel.

Rather than one type of vehicle, a tourist viewing car rentals at, will find an amazing range of rental vehicles. In fact, the visitor to Iceland will find several offers for every requirement. And since this is a web based application, renting a car is very easy and can be done from the comfort of your home even before you embark on your journey or holiday to Iceland.

Rent a car in Iceland? is as simple as visiting the website, browsing through the amazing list of options available and selecting one that you find most appropriate for your needs. Click on the desired vehicle and resulting information that is provided includes details about the vehicle.

Enter the desired pickup and drop-off dates you will be instantly informed whether the rental vehicle is available for that period and the day and week rate.

Next, click on “Request Reservation” button and pay the amount for the vehicle (a one-time customer registration is required). The fee that you pay will be held by the website in an escrow account and released to the car owner only after the vehicle is delivered and accepted by the tourist.

As usual, a simple Rent a car in Iceland? contract is involved that has standard terms and conditions. The tourist needs to sign the contract and give it to the car owner. When the car is returned to the owner on the drop off date, the owner in turn hands over a “Car received” document to the tourist.

Icelanders are extremely friendly people so feel free to ask the car owner for information or anything else you might require to make your trip more rewarding.

Damaged Car

Accidents happen and any vehicle can get damaged. Signing a “CDW” Coalition Damage Weaver, reduces lessees self-risk i.e. in the event of a collision or other damages to the vehicle during the rental period is permitted, upon request of the car owner, to charge a fee equivalent of the lessees self-risk directly after the incident. will hold the amount until disputes are resolved regarding responsibilities of the coalition or damages. Nothing can be simpler.

So next time you plan to visit Iceland be it on a holiday or on business, first visit for budget car rental Iceland

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