Understand Iso 22000 Certification

Iso 22000 certification is applicable to all the enterprises in the food supply chain, including the production and processing and sales. It is both describe the guidelines for the use of food safety management system requirements, is available for food production, operations and supply organization certification and registration. It is the main content of the interactive communication, system management and hazard control. Combine the principle and application of HACCP system, with their harm analyze need strategy, ensure that the requirements of HACCP and food safety hazards through and control.

Food safety system is in the food sector exports of the crackdown. It combines in a single text file the principle of hazard analysis and critical control points. Summarizes various a key standard requirements oh retailers around the world. The development of the iso 22000 certification is of great significance. It is responsible for food hygiene hazard analysis and critical control point system. It also has a benefit is extending the methods of quality management system standard management system. They are compatible with each other.

Consumers or customers in the ongoing requirements throughout the food supply chain enterprises can show enough evidence that suggests that they have the ability to identify and control food safety hazards and other factors that may affect food safety. The iso 22000 certification -


is to coordinate the national food safety management system. It can make up for the inadequacy of various standards of food production.

In growing food safety problems, based on the enterprise standard to establish food safety management system, can through self declaration and appraisal results, proved its ability to control food safety hazards to the society.Is the enterprise combines food safety requirements and business purpose, sustained and stable to provide products to meet the requirements of iso 22000 certification.Food safety is the first, it not only a threat to the consumer, also description affecting food production, transportation, sales and other business enterprises.Even can also affect the food authority and credibility of the government.

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