"One thing leads to Another"

By: Nyla Paige Ballard

"One thing leads to Another"

A bully is a person who is repeatedly mean to someone or hurts them on purpose. Bullying acts include: Making threats, sending hurtful texts, telling lies about them, taking their stuff, or deliberately ignoring them. Who wants to deal with that everyday? It gets so bad to where it leads to depression, after depression, self-hard, and sadly it ends with suicide.

Depression is that state that people go into when things aren't going right; when they feel as though nothings ever going to get better, when their about ready to give up.

Suicide is the last strike, the final step that people take; when they've just given up on everything... LIFE! Bullying happens everyday, dealt with everyday, depression is suffered with everyday, self-harm is tried everyday, and suicide is attempted everyday; some suffered, some fail but later on tried again.

IF your making someone feel like any of that... STOP, because who knows when they will be taking their last breath, giving their last hug, saying their final goodbye.