Summer 2014

I started out this summer by having my best friend live with me for two months before she went back to Florida. We ran a 5k together, went to a zoo, got to see a baby cow being born, and she was a good enough friend to sit there and suffer through all of my softball games.

Then I went to church camp with some of my youth group. Out team name was the Red Ruckus. Unfortunately it rained all week but that made it fun when it came to team competition. It was all muddy because of all the rain, so our decided to make the best of it and wrestle in the mud.

I spent a lot of summer with Kelsey. We basically lived with each other. We didn't really do anything special. We went to the movies a few times together

Other than spending a lot of my summer with friends, my boyfriend was always happy to tag along. We still made time to hang out by ourselves though. Going to Indiana Beach, Fair oaks Farm, and the Indianapolis Zoo were just a few things we did. Overall it was a really good summer.

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