Baby Information

  • Nickname of element (Symbol) -F
  • Birth date (date element was discovered) -1886
  • Birth weight (atomic mass) -18.99403 0.0000005 u
  • Birth height (atomic number) -19.00
  • Race (type of element/family) -gas
  • Attending physician (Discoverer) - Henri Moissan
  • Gender (state of matter at room temperature - use your periodic table) -
  • Place of birth (country of discovery) -France
  • Personality (emotions: boiling point and melting point) -Melting Point: -219.62 °C Boiling Point: -188.14 °C Density @ 293 K: 1.696 g/cm3
    DNA: It’s highly reactive; it is the most electronegative element. Examples are: metals, gases, ceramics and carbon.

Part 3 - 10 points

  • Fill out birth certificate word document and take a screenshot to add it to the tackk (found in edmodo) -10 points

Part 4 - 10 points

  • Headline - Ultrasound of my Element -2 points
  • Save a picture of element (Bohr model) -8 points

Part 5 – 15 points

  • Headline - Family Name (family or group) -2 points
  • Add pictures of all family members (real elements) and their names -6 points
  • 1 paragraph on what your element's family is known for (5-10 sentences) - 7 points

Part 6 – 25 points

  • Headline - What I want to be when I grow up? -2 points
  • Picture of 3 possible careers (3 things your element is used for in the real world) - 2 points per picture = 6 points
  • 3 paragraphs explaining the three "jobs" your element could do when he/she grows up (2-5 sentences) - 5 points per picture = 15 points
  • Final decision (2-3 sentences) on what you would like your element to do and why-2 points

Conventions/Grammar – 1 point is taken away for every spelling error!

Complete ALL requirements!

WEBSITES (you can use these or others I've provided in this unit):


when I grow up I want to do hair.

three things we used in real life.

I like this the best because we used this everyday and its you need to used it everyday so your teeth want come out.

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