My soldier

My name is Joffrey Hayes. I was born a slave in the state of Mississippi and I have been living there all my life. I work out in the fields and sometimes I get a chance to come inside. I clean the horse pens. I work the cotton gin and live outdoors. I was forced to join the war, so my master did not have to. Because of the side my master lives on, I must fight for the confederacy. But once I get the chance I will run away and become a free man.

Person 1: Hey how you been possum

person 2: I am fit to be tied and I need to quick-step to the hole

1: Well thats hunky dory buddy, I think yous better bite a hornet or else it’s gonna hurt

2. I better start to skedaddle or else Ima be as ugly as a grayback

1.At least you got grub in yo’r bread basket I havent gobbled down since friday

2. Which crazy boat are you riding? Its sunday. You might as well be stuffed as a turkey

1: It may be sunday but Im as hungry as a honey badger in a snakepit.

2: Well I better be movin along or Ima mess myself

1: Alright Ima go whipp some fresh fish, g’day

Dear momma,

War has been rough on this poor soul. They treat us fresh fish like animals. Especially the black ones. They make us clean everyones guns, shoes, and uniforms. The food is horrible and stale. But that's the same for everyone. I cannot wait to come home. In the first fight I was in, I saw women and children from the north setting out picnic tables and eating a snack while wathing the battle. It was not that they were daft or drunk. They just really didn't know what war was like. The first shots wizzed by my head, and the first chance I got I went to cover. Apparently, we won, but I was buisy sittin behind a rock. I cannot wait till this war is over. I cannot wait to come home. I cannot wait for the Union to win.

Jeremiah, when you chose to Stay with mom,

what caused you to make that choice?
Well I felt bad about leaving her, and I know that even though she told me to go. I couldn't just leave her to die alone.

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?
I am very proud of my valor in battle. It was an amazing moment when I was moved up in rank.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?
Going with my brother, even though it was the right thing to stay. I should have gone with him so that I wouldn't still be looking for him.

Jeremiah, do you think you will find your brother?
Although it is not likely, I will never give up hope on finding him.

Dear Momma,

I have been living here for months now and not only is it very dangerous, but IT IS EXTREMELY BORING! Sometimes they let me play baseball but they don't call fair. I have to pass the time by watching chickens kill each other. But whats worse is that we can't even eat them. But don't get me started on the grub here. The best thing we have here is the coffee. It has many bugs and mold spores all over. Here I'll give ya a recipe. I would love to have this at home. It takes

3 teaspoons of sugar

two scoops of coffee mix (preferably 1 month old)

and finally some grubs for nutrition

I want to come home so very badly, but I know that it will be a while before I can come home.


Joffery Hayes

Down with those nasty yanks

Up with confederate ranks

Fight for freedom fight for our land

Fight to get away from Abraham man

Fight boys fight

Fight for Dixie

Fight for the land that you'll always be living

For the women at home waiting

For the men at home debating

Fight boys fight

You'll never be alone

Fight boys fight

Fight for Dixie

Fight for the land that you'll always be living

Those Union girls may spin and twirl

Oblivious to the outside world

But we have mind and strength

So we can fight the length

Fight boys fight

Fight for Dixie

Fight for the land that you'll always be living

No more taxes

No more pay

No more hassle

No more pain

Fight boys fight

Fight for Dixie

Fight for the land that you'll always be living

Dear Momma,

I have seen a lot of death and destruction. Would you believe I've seen more death in the hospitals than in the battles. People dyin of diarrhea, fever, and even amputation. All doctors can do is pray for them, and givem some whiskey. Some of the prisoners that we've taken, can't even feed themselves. People are dyin, and some doctors refusen to help. Especially for me, these men have a true hatred for me. I just pray that this war end soon. I don't want to be headen to the hospital anytime soon.

Coming home was even greater than I expected. Since the Union had won, I had been set free. I took my family to the north to live in Illinois. Now my descendants will live in peace and happiness forever. We will never have to worry about being brought back into slavery. No more auction block for me. Many thousands gone.

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