Stop That Bullying!

By: Katlynn Bates

I think bullying is bad and I don't think they should do it to kids that did nothing to you. Bullying is a very bad think sometimes people don't think it is bad until something bad happens. People have been killing themselves so they don't have to go to school every day and live though it. There are lots of different kinds of bullying there is allot out there cyber bullying is one big one people like to do because they think they can get away with it.

Bullying happens everyday its sad at kids get beat up and teased everyday. There is no need for other kids to do that. When I hear about it in the news it is very sad that kids or teens would kill themselves so they don't have to deal with people bullying them everyday. This is to all the girls that get bullied because they aren't the skinniest and they aren't the prettiest girl in school. Help the world stop bullying be the stronger one!

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