-Bird of Paradise

-Blue Macaw

-Poison Dart Frog

-Red Eyed Tree Frog



-More than 250 cm of rain

-Average temp 20-34 C

-77-88% humidity

-Tall trees shade the floor so indirect light except above which is very direct

Carrying Capacity

-The most of a species that an environment can support

-Can be abundant, but death, birth, and destruction of habitat diminish it  

Limiting Factors

-Things that change an ecosystem

-Such as: Rain, Sunlight, and people cutting down trees


-Jaguar predator

-Sloth prey

-When the sloth population goes up so does the Jaguar, once this occurs the Jaguars eat the Sloth causing a decrease in Sloth population, but once the food source shrinks so does the predator causing a increase in Sloth population  

The graph shows that predator/prey occur every environment.

Producers, Consumers, Decomposers

-Producers: plants/organisms that make their own food

ex: coco tree

-Consumers: organisms that eat other organisms

ex:Jaguar (carnivore), Sloth (herbivores),  Red Eyed Tree Frog (omnivore)

-Decomposers: organisms that break down dead waste


 After an organism gets eaten 10% of the past energy is given to the predator. Producers are essential, because they start the food chain and get energy from the sun.

Food chains are less realistic than food webs, because food webs show multiple relationships.

-If one population was gone the whole food web would crash.

-The producer has 1000 kcal, and each time it goes up a level it loses 10% of the kcals. --This is shaped like a pyramid, because it loses energy as it goes up that's why the producers have the most energy.


-In photosynthesis carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight are needed. Photosynthesis produces oxygen and glucose.


-definition:turning or bending movement toward or away from an external stimulus

ex:trees growing with roots and trunk


The roots grow toward water and the leafs toward light.

-Decomposers give nutrients back into soil  which these many trees need, without them the rain-forest would die

-Saprophytes are an example


Adaptations are important, because they keep animals alive and make life easier for them.

ex: large jaw muscles in jaguars to pierce skull

Venus fly traps snap their jaws closed with their super-sensitive hairs (adaptation).

If the plant was placed in a different ecosystem that was windy the hairs wouldn't be able to tell the difference between wind and insects. Then the plant would have to feel the weight of the insect and adapt.

Natural Selection

-gradual process in which animals adapt over time

ex: sloth change from two to three toed

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