The Baby Sitters Club

Book # 4


When Kristy Thomas comes up with the idea for a babysitter club. Kristy and her friends Claudia, Mary Ann, Stacy start the baby sitters club they get into a huge argument about job hogs. See the babysitters club has a rule each call for a job must be offered to everyone Claudia breaks  the rule several times but when Kristy does they get into a big argument. Mary Ann is timid and shy but when she gets called a baby because of her fathers strict rules she's had enough and she goes off on her friends. None off them will talk to her they have a big job coming up Mary Ann has to get her friends back to gather but how.


. Why does Claudia get so mad when Mimi calls Mary Ann my Mary Ann?

.  Why doesn't Kristy want to save the club like Mary Ann?

. Will Dawn join the babysitters club will Kristy let her join?

. How does Mary Ann plan to save her friendship and business?

. Will Mary Ann's dad give her more freedom or keep her sheltered?

Predictions and Connections

I believe that Dawn will join the babysitter but will have difficultly joining. Also  Mary Ann will have difficultly  getting through to Kristy because of her stubborn attitude .  I have a friend like Kristy our personality's are different like Mary Ann and her friends. Kristy's brothers act like Santana always worried about sports. Me and Kristy both have hard working moms that have unconditional love.

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