Chilean Food!

If you think in go to Chile some day, you should taste these amazing dishes of the chilean cuisine:

At lunchtime

At the lunch time you can eat one of netx dishes. "Lomo a lo pobre" (posible translation "poor style steak") is usually a 12 - 14 oz steak with fried potatoes, caramelized onions and fried eggs. "Humitas" (a spanish translation in some regions of "bow tie") is mixture of corn, onion, basil and butter wrapped in corn husks, all boiled. "Pastel de Choclo" (corn pie) it is made with minced beef cooked with onions (known as "pino"), chicken, olives and bits of boiled eggs, all mixed in personal clay bowls and covered with a layer of pre-cooked corn, basil and milk. But, maybe the most traditional meal in Chile is "empanadas", stuffed pastries with "pino", olives and bits of boiled eggs.

For share at night


If you are thinking in go out with Friends, you should eat a "Chorrillana", a mix of fried potatos, caramelized onions, scrambled eggs and bits of steak sliced thinly. There is many variations of the typical Chorrillana, these contains chicken, sliced sausages and cheese. This dish is usually shared with Friends, it is served in only one plate with many forks.

After hour

Maybe after drink and eat chorrillana, you can go to dance. When the dance it is over, about 5 - 6 am, start the "after hour" and everybody goes to eat "completos" or "churrascos" with a pop can. Completo is a chilean version of the hot dog, contains bits of tomato, mashed avocado and mayonnaise, but you can add mustard, kétchup or chilean chili. Churrasco is a sandwich that contains a many layers of grilled beef, tomatoes, mayonnaise and avocado, but you can find a lot of different variations with onions, cheese, lettuce, green beans, etc.


Ok, after drink, dance, etc. Do you have hangover? This is not a problem in Chile, the solution is simple, eat!

It is a tradition for recover from a hangover eat a powerful sea food, like "mariscal", a mixture of mussels, clams, shrimps, onions, yellow pepper, garlic, parsley, white wine and water, all boiled. Another dish is ceviche, small cubes of raw fish cooked by the action of lemon juice and onions, with Little bits of red, yellow and Green peppers. And why not accompany these dishes with "machas a la parmesana"? The macha is a chilean native saltwater clam, it is cooked in their shells with a layer of parmesan cheese.

Finally, if you are thirsty o looking for a dessert, you should taste the "mote con huesillos", a non alcoholic drink made from dried peaches cooked with sugar, water and cinnamon. After cooked and cooled, it is added fresh cooked husked wheat.

So, I think that you will never be hungry in Chile.

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3 years ago

These food sounds great! I would like to try some of them.. specially Chorrillana that really sounds delicious. Something funny is about churrasco since Brazilians, differently, call barbecue as churrasco