Medato Urban Farms- A Case Example

Illustrating the Power of the Agile Canvas for Strategic Planning

To demonstrate the unique power of the Agile Canvas, we have applied the process to a a non-profit called, Medato Urban Farms.  Medato's purpose is to provide locally sourced, healthy, and affordable foods for everyone.  The organization had been successful providing the following services: nutrition education, organic waste-composting, re-entry and homeless job training, and food distribution from 5 local urban farms.  Medato felt it needed new new approaches to growth so they could continue to realize  their vision and dream of providing anyone within a community with easy access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food.

Medato's CEO and Strategic Planning Committee decided to use the Agile Canvas as its process for building the strategic plan. They did not want to spend 9 months creating a comprehensive 3-5 year plan, that would become outdated after 6 months and lose its relevance. The Agile Canvas was an inclusive process that brought board members, staff, volunteers, and stakeholders together to write Intentions, identify Questions, and establish Sprints which would help the organization take realistic steps toward its new strategic vision.

Medato's Agile Canvas- The Dashboard Canvas

Medato's Agile Canvas is comprised of a Dashboard and a series of strategic 2Qtr Intentions/Projects. Below are links to a live canvas dashboard, and a project dashboard which illustrates how various leaders, staff, volunteers, and stakeholders established long term Intentions and 2 quarter Intentions. Questions were identified to determine what needed to be decided and researched. Finally, 2 week cycles of work called "Sprints" were established to organize the strategic work around the realistic levels of capacity. This was used by the Core Group to track , monitor, and share progress.  Click here to visit Medato's Agile Canvas Dashboard. A video explanation of the Dashboard Canvas is below.

Medato's Agile Canvas- Project Canvas

Each 2 Qtr Intention/Project is then planned using the same process (establish Intentions, then Questions, then Sprints). In this example, you'll see Medato's research and pilot of a Food Truck. Click here to visit Medato's strategic Food Truck Project. A video explanation of the strategic project canvas is below.

Deploying and Communicating the Plan

Now that the plan was in place using the Agile Canvas, support and buy in was needed from staff, the board, stakeholders, and the broader community. The process always results in a high level communication strategy. A visual representation of the plan is also created so that it can be communicated and shared effectively. Click here to see the full visual communication tool.

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