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Choose 2 Talk Mediation Agency - Domestic Relations Services

WXYZ 2011 Statistics: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/domestic-violence-incident-re

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Choose 2 Talk Mediation Agency provides Civil, Probate, Juvenile, Community and Domestic Relation court services for Wayne County, specifically in Metro Detroit. Established since 2009, we have served our clients with private, neutral and alternative methods to resolving their conflicts.

We are offering to provide ONE hour of Certified Domestic Relations Mediation services for free. Pre- and post- litigation cases welcome. Contact us today to request an application and for more information. Email choose2talk@gmail.com to speak with a mediator today. Choose 2 Talk and begin healing your relationship, your family is worth it.

NO COURT REFERRAL NEEDED. Domestic violence screening required.