Hildegard Von Bingen

Music Composer of the Medieval Time Period

Birth place & death place

Born: September 16, 1098, Bermersheim vor der Höhe, Germany

Died: September 17, 1179, Bingen am Rhein, Germany


She made it to age 81, even though she was sick most of her life. As a child she was often too weak to walk and sometimes could not see. As an adult she could be paralyzed for days.

Visions & visitations

Hildegard said she had visions of God her whole life. The first came at age 3 and the visitations never stopped. At age 43, she said God told her to “write down what you see and hear”.

Musical Career

Hildegard wrote nine books, seventy poems, seventy-two songs, and a play. Her books are in print and her music is widely performed today.

Also known As...

All of her accomplishments gave her the name of the 'Sibyl of the Rhine'.

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