Kelley Varner Core 1

We did 3 activities in Mr. Halkuff's meditation class! One of the activities was regular meditation. Regular meditation is just deep breaths and your mind being cleared. Next, we laid on the mats and imagined this imaginary place with a rainforest, a garden, and a lake. In the garden we planted 3 of our favorite things. At the lake we through our sad things in the lake in the form of a rock.

Before we started to do meditation I thought that I would like meditation and I did. During the meditation i felt relaxed, refreshed, and tired at the same time. I would do meditation again because I had a good sleep that night! :)

Meditation- Deep breathing and relaxation

Mantra- a relax word like Aum

Deep Breathing- breathing in through your nose for 3 seconds and out your mouth for 3 seconds

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