Reward: ₯ 5,000 and you will win a stone-turned statue of the head and body of the monster.

Medusa, Carvaggio http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medusa_(Caravaggio)

Physical Description: Snakes for hair, brown eyes, fair skin, big nose.

Wanted for: Defying the Greek Gods, and turning men into stone.

Known Family Members: Sisters, Stheno and Euryale. Parents, Phorkys and Keto.

Origin: Medusa was once very beautiful. She asked of Athena's permission to see the sun in the south, for Medusa lived in the north. When Athena denied permission, Medusa accused her of being jealous her beauty. Athena then became angry, and made Medusa so ugly that men turned to stone when they looked at her, and Athena turned her once gorgeous

Last seen: Medusa was last seen wandering the plains of what has been called, Africa.

Weaknesses: Medusa is easily tricked, and very gullible.

UPDATE: Medusa had been found and slain by Perseus.

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