Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark

By Meenu Manickam

Gorge Tsypin scenic designer for Spider-Man Turn off the Dark.


George Tsypin is a sculptor, architect and a design of opera, film and video. He was born one December 31st 1954 in Kazakhstan. He studied architecture in Moscow and theatre design at New York University. He has his own book named George Tsypin Opera Factory. George Tsypin has worked in all major theatres in America. He has done three musicals the first one was West Side Story. The second was Little Mermaid and third was Spider man Turn Off Dark. He has been nominated for Tony Award for Best Scenic Design and Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Set Design of a Musical. He is one of the most wonderful and creative set designers. He tries to bring out the musical out in a different perspective.


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West Side Story

Little Mermaid


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