First Sunday of Summer

Sorry I haven't been bloging for a while but tbh my life hasn't been that interesting to blog about. This was yesterday but I didn't have time to do it yesterday... So I woke up at 9:00 o'clock to my alarm. I went down stairs and ate a delicious that consisted of milk and captain crunch. Then I went upstairs and made my bed (suprise) and got ready for church. After church I came home and had a hot dog. (It was yummy) then I changed and drove over to Gigi's to pick her up. Then we went to the mall. We went to h&m, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, dicks, aunti Anne's , limited, justice, and forever 21. Then we took Gigi home and I came home and changed into comfy clothes. Then I did a couple chores:( and ate dinner with my family. After that I brushed my teeth and watched netflix and YouTube for 1 hour then had my favorite food (popcorn) after that I headed to bed and played on my iPad for a while. Then I went to bed... So yeah that was my day. I will try to blog more.


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