French Revolution Artical

What happened in the French Revolution

Today we are going to explain what happened during the French Revolution. It started when the Colonists and the British army were arguing and then someone on either the British or Colonist side shot a gun. That is known as ''The Shot Heard Around the World''. Then Thomas Jefferson had wrote the document called the Declaration of Independence. After he wrote that, the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Prussia had made some statements on restoring the King's spot as king. When they started to talk about the King, they both ordered Foreign Troops to amass the border of France. That made France go to war.

Then the Third General Estate made a bad move that they wanted to declare them as The National Assembly. Then they said that there is going to be a meeting at the Parliament Building, but then the King had locked the doors to the building and the meeting could not be taken place. So the meeting was moved into a indoor tennis court. They promised that they will meet until they can create a new Constitution for France. That is  called the Tennis Court Oath. So they continued to meet and then they started to pay taxes for a long time. That affected the Church because the Third Estate seized the Church lands. Then they passed a document called the Declaration of the Rights of Man, that explained the principles and the ideals for the revolution. Then the National Assembly passed the document in the fall of 1791. That made France a Limited Monarchy.

In 1793, the war had got more intense. The Austrian and the Prussian army moved in that made France suffer series of reversals. The Foreign troops had started to penetrated the French borders that made the French people to panic. Then the Three Jacobins started to make fiery speeches that drew people in to listen. Danton, Marat and Robespierre were the Three Jacobins. They were all going to reach the same goal. Then the Reign of Terror came in from 1793-1794, it was controlled by one of the Jacobins, Robespierre. That is all that is going on at this time.