Meir Ezra: How parents screw up your kids… and how to fix it

Have you’ve ever wondered why your kids don’t listen consistently or what makes teens so difficult to deal with? It’s because no one ever thought you the secrets of why children behave the way they do.

Teen Suicide. Bullying. Sexual Promiscuity. Drugs. Depression. The signs are everywhere that our children are struggling. Many are worried about their future, feel unprepared to face challenges and lack the positive relationships that will lead them toward an adult life that is happy, fulfilling and prosperous.

The cases of child abuse and public shaming on social media are growing and society is, of course, “outraged!” that nothing is being done to change the ongoing trend business.

So who is responsible?

International Parenting Expert, Meir Ezra says, “We discovered that children do not learn by listening… look how many times you tell them to do things and they don’t! Children, we discovered, learn in a totally different way and that discovery opened the door to the unparalleled results we see with more than 1 million parents who learned this revolutionary method of raising children and stopped the dwindling spiral.”

Founder of The GP Parent Academy, Ezra is often quoted as saying, “The condition of tomorrow’s society is defined by the condition of today’s children”.

But something is being done about it!!!

On June 23, 2015, Meir Ezra will deliver a one off free live workshop that will be open to Toronto parents, educators, and youth professionals. “If you have a vested interest in the future of our young people, you must come and hear Meir Ezra speak”, says Lisa Phillips, Toronto arts educator and author of the book, The Artistic Edge.