Meir Ezra: Working Hard for Fun and Profit

Ten Ways to Work Harder

1. Decide to work hard for just five minutes to see how you feel. Then another five minutes and so on.

2. Focus on your purpose for the work. If it's a purpose you like, you'll have more energy.

3. Force yourself to GET STARTED. Once you have some momentum going, you'll get more done.

4. Consider the results and improvements for your future because of your work hard now.

5. Arrange for a REWARD for your extra hard work. For example, "As soon as I finish all these reports, I'll buy myself an expensive dinner." "I won't be going to the movies until I clean out the garage."

6. Break large tasks into smaller and smaller tasks until you feel comfortable about doing the first tiny task. Do it immediately. Then the next one and so on.

7. Tell three people you will accomplish a difficult task. This makes it more difficult to admit you failed than to just do the JOB.

8. Break a personal production record for no other reason than to break a personal production record.

9. Mentally do the entire task before starting so you know how to do it.

10. Realize you will be working for eight hours anyway. Why not work hard?


No one dies of hard work. In fact, according to an Australian study, hard work is healthy for you. It strengthens your internal organs, lowers your cholesterol and sharpens your mental skills.

Hard work makes you feel good about yourself. It helps you get over personal problems. It gives you something to be proud of.

All successful people can work hard. They push through or ignore their mental barriers. They complete projects as fast as possible and dive into their next project.

Hard work is vital to moral, superior accomplishment and high pay. It's the engine in your rocket to your goals. It pushes you above the average person.

No one succeeds without it.