Meir Panim: Supporting the People in Poverty

Meir Panim is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing much needed to relief to those citizens of Israel currently suffering from disheartening poverty. They provide immediate and long lasting relief through the design and implementation of programs such as Free Restaurants, Meals on Wheels, Meals for Children, Employment Horizons, Food Shopping Cards, and After School Youth Clubs. They understand that children are more susceptible to the effects of poverty due to their inability to provide for themselves and their reliance on their loved ones. They have dedicated themselves to not only relieving the entire country of harmful effects of poverty, but drastically reducing the number of children suffering from poverty as well. According to the most recent annual statistics provided by Israel’s National Insurance Institute, a total of 1,658,200 people are living under the poverty line. A staggering 746,900 of these are children with the inability to create a better life for themselves. The organization understands that helping children now will not only provide much needed relief, but it will also ensure that they do not fall into the same vicious cycle that poverty creates. They are dedicated to providing a better country for children to grow up and be successful in.

Meir Panim is dedicated to the impoverished population of Israel. Not only do they provide the necessary relief that so many of these people are looking for, but they do it in a way that maintains the recipients’ dignity and self-respect. One of their most successful programs is the network of Free Restaurants, provided throughout the country in areas where they are needed most. Much like a soup kitchen, but designed to look and feel like real restaurants, meals are free to those in need. Providing free meals to people in need inside comfortable dining room settings allows the people to maintain a level a dignity while receiving necessary nourishment.

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