Meir Panim - Helping the Impoverished

Meir Panim is a non-profit organization that is deeply committed to aiding the impoverished population plagued by the ongoing poverty crisis in Israel. They offer a wide range of food and social service programs that are specifically designed to not only provide immediate relief to those in desperate need, but also to help people rise above their current situation and regain their lives in society. The organization understands that extreme poverty often creates a vicious cycle that is difficult to escape, but they can help anyone willing to become active, self-sufficient members of Israeli society once more.

They provide support through Free Restaurants, Meals on Wheels, Meals for Children, and Employment Horizons. They target where poverty hurts the most and design programs that will not only provide immediate relief, but provide it in a way that maintains respect and dignity for the people they serve. According to the latest annual statistics released by Israel’s National Insurance Institute, there are 1,658,200 people living below the poverty line, and 756,900 of them are children. One out of every three children is suffering from hunger, one out of every four people is living in poverty, and one out of every five elderly citizens is in need of immediate assistance.

Meir Panim is dedicated to providing much needed relief to every citizen of Israel living in poverty. Children and the elderly are most at risk for the detrimental effects of poverty, and many of the organization’s programs are geared toward these two demographics specifically. One program designed by Meir Panim to help the elderly is called Meals on Wheels. Many of the elderly suffering from poverty are unable to leave their homes or beds in order to provide for themselves the necessary nourishment they so desperately need. Meals on Wheels delivers this much needed nourishment directly to their homes. Each day, the organization is responsible for 700 packaged meals to individuals in need. Meals are delivered by caring volunteers who ensure the overall health and safety of the individual as well.

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