Melissa Smith Catholic University

Catholic University Counseling Doctorate Recipient

About Melissa Smith Catholic University

A practicing psychology associate and recent graduate of the Catholic University of America doctoral program, Melissa Smith offers family and individual therapy to children and youth. Experienced in working with schools and institutions, Melissa Smith comes to her current role following a predoctoral internship at The Milton Hershey School in Pennsylvania. At this residential facility, the largest in the world, she offered therapeutic services as well as behavioral and needs assessments for under-resourced and at-risk students aged 5 through 16 years.

Dr. Melissa N. Smith has also gathered extensive extern experience in school and family therapy. Adept at serving a diverse population, she has also served as a research assistant in an investigation into the neurological effects of prematurity on early childhood development. Her additional research includes age-out adjustment for foster care alumni, a topic on which she has presented at a number of professional conferences. Dedicated to improving the experience and success rate of children who have been marginalized and traumatized, Smith has served as president of the Maryland Foster Youth Research Center and was the cofounder of Empowering People of Color.

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