Mel Schrieberg

President and CEO of Strategic Concepts Consulting LLC

About Mel Schrieberg

Mel Schrieberg is President and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Concepts Consulting LLC. He founded the company in January of 2008 with a focus on producing business plans that foster growth. Mel Schrieberg is a senior executive whose endeavors have been recognized by Harvard University and Red Herring Magazine.

His entry into the business world began at the Xerox Corporation, where he worked from 1974 until 1982. Mr. Schrieberg performed numerous roles pertaining to sales and marketing management, gradually increasing his rank. The company’s reported $16 billion revenue made it a leader in the document management field. In 1982, he assumed the role of General Manager, and later that of President, of the ROLM Operating Company. There, he oversaw 275 employees and $220 million in revenue. Over a three-year period, he established the company record for profits, customer service and sales in New York.

Joining IBM in 1985, Mel Schrieberg served as the Director of Strategic and Organizational Planning for one year, and the Eastern Regional Manager for a period of three. He oversaw 5,125 employees and $1.1 billion in revenue, and he was tasked with the management of the company’s top-earning region for telecommunications and network services. During this period, sales increased 22 percent, while profits increased 16 percent.

Automatic Data Processing then recruited Mel Schrieberg, and he served as Vice President of Global Accounts from 1988 through 1992. He was hired to create a new global accounts organization for the company’s Employee Services Division, and under Mr. Schrieberg, sales increased 26 percent, with a 14 percent growth in revenues and a customer retention rate of 92 percent. He was responsible for 645 employees as well as 21,000 customers.

Mel Schrieberg holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Rhode Island. He received his Master of Business Administration from Farleigh Dickinson University.

The Basics of Strategic Planning
By Mel Schrieberg

Strategic planning was developed through the 1960s by business executives who saw immediate results from the implementation of structure, goal setting, and regular evaluation in their work. Companies and corporations later developed and refined the concept of strategic planning, and by the 1980s it was introduced into business education. Today, strategic planning is used by the majority of businesses, large and small, as an essential part of operations.

The finer points of strategic planning differ for each organization, but in essence, complex questions are posed and answered by the company executives in order to develop a strong. clear vision for the future of the company. An expert strategic planner often assists with this process. The company’s values are assessed, strengths and deficits analyzed, and competitive advantages determined. Short- and long-term goals are developed, with a time frame of months for short-term goals and up to several years for long-term goals.

Hand-in-hand with a professional financial analysis from a strategic planner, the results of strategic planning often surprise or astonish company executives. Generally, the results are a very good indication of future revenue growth and business potential.

About the Author: A senior executive with a proven track record of success, Mel Schrieberg has developed and implemented strategic plans for a large number of North American companies and corporations. With an extensive range of experience in consulting, marketing, information technology and management, Mel Schrieberg specializes in the creation, growth, and implementation of business strategy.

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