Most Beautuiful Bridesmaids Are Your Friends

Each girl has a close friend more or less, and I am very lucky with four. We shared in the same school and became good friends because of same minds. We have ever gone to school together, eat and work together, also explore the unknown in the city, go mountain climbing, etc. Now we have towards our own life's journey, but I still remember the magnificent prom that we've attended together, our long formal evening dresses, open back prom dresses, and our promise.

When completed the college entrance examination, the school held an epoch-making prom, which is also the first time for school. All matters held by School Union, we only needed to prepare our own prom dresses and ornaments, then to pay a certain cost. At that time, there was no place to sell prom dresses in the city we live, and ultimately we decided to buy them online. We bought two sets of cheap plus size prom dresses and two sets of open back prom dresses. This is our own first prom dress. We all had illusions to dance with school's Jump Prince and draw a great high school career ending.

After all the preparations had been done, the prom started. That night, the School Student Activity Center filled with lights and voices. A with I dressed in open back prom dresses firstly arrived the ball field so that to find a good place to look for Jump Prince. Half an hour later, D and T wore their pride of cheap plus size prom dresses came to the party venue. After the president of a speech, the party started.

We were new to dance so that so many things about the ball could not be really understood. Then the headmaster let those who good at dancing began. Next, several men and women came to the center, while "Jump Prince" who wore a white tuxedo was encircled by a group of beauties who wore open back prom dresses around, which made us pretty angry, but we just looked at.

D liked "jump" prince, flay, heels, broke into the pale pink bridesmaid dresses by open showed the girls back, pulling a prince, went to the dance floor, and began to dance, the 3 of us in shock at the sight, be at a loss what to do. Little D is like "Jump Prince" all the time, she angrily stepped heels and broke into the group who showed off their backs with open back prom dresses, then pulled the prince, went to the dance floor and began to dance. We were in shock to looking at this scene, overwhelmed. These girls were not convinced and wanted to thwart D under the leadership of tallest girl. In order to D’ dream, we swarmed and blocked them.

Everyone agreed to the edge of the site to solve problems. We had tried our best to protect these girls from D, but failed, and eventually developed into two parties’ quarrel and fight. I saw the corner skirt flying. Our pretty cheap plus size prom dresses and open back prom dresses lost their original colors in this struggle, our hairs were mess. D was looking for us bur saw the situation we just beat. These girls see is comfort our little D, anger, and the four of us and those girls and playing, played for a while, we did not have the, also stopped. These girls were angry because D comforted us, fight was underway. Thus we tussled again until we all had no strength. In order to catch up with the last 1 hours of dance, we all were ablaze with anger and tidied our hairs and cheap plus size prom dresses and open back prom dresses at the bathroom, finally found our partners and ended our graduation prom in waltz.
Later, D told us that "jump Prince" also liked her and D made promise to him further education after graduating from college abroad. So far, we still keep these historic cheap plus size prom dresses and open back prom dresses, because it was the simplest us, also our friendship. D has gone abroad now. Sincerely bless to D, I will always remember the promise that day: We will be a lifetime girlfriends.

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