Keeping your loved one close

Happiness would be having loved ones by your side forever, right? But funerals these days seem to focus instead on saying farewell. The deceased’s remains are often buried deep in the ground. Such funeral rites also waste precious environmental resources. Think of the natural materials needed to produce a casket. Valuable land, which could otherwise be used to grow food or house many productive people in our society, is used for cemeteries. It’s no wonder that alternatives to the burial of human or pet remains are springing up. One of the most remarkable new solutions is the technology used by EverDear & Co. to turn ashes into diamonds.

The cremation diamond – a breakthrough in technology

Making diamonds out of ashes is not a legend. A diamond, no matter its source, is pure carbon. In nature, diamonds can form deep beneath the surface of the earth from carbon that is subjected to extreme heat and pressure. If geological conditions are exactly right, carbon atoms will bond to form diamond crystals. Variations in the concentration of elements present during the crystallization process account for the range and intensity of color of natural diamonds. Deep-source volcanic eruptions over the course of many centuries cause the gems to rise to the surface of the earth. These natural diamonds can then be mined.

Cremation jewelry is becoming a new trend to memorize the eternal love.

Man-made diamonds – such as cremation diamonds – can be made from the same material as natural diamonds: carbon. The process has fascinated researchers for a long time. From the end of the 19th century into the early 20th, many claims were made that successful diamond synthesis had been achieved in the laboratory. It was not until 1953, after years of systematic research, that scientists perfected diamond crystal formation methods and started producing beautiful artificial diamonds.

The concept of turning ashes into diamonds became reality in a major breakthrough in diamond creation: the perfection of a procedure to extract carbon from ashes or hair and refine it to an extremely high level. This incredibly pure carbon form can then be processed under high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) conditions in the lab, simulating the geological conditions under which diamonds form in nature, so we can make diamonds out of ashes with the developed technology.

The HPHT machine can simulate the geological conditions in nature and make diamonds out of ashes.

The process – turning ashes into diamonds

Carbon refinement, the most critical step in turning ashes or hair into a diamond, is the very first one after the cremation of the human or animal remains. The process to make a diamond out of ashes is highly demanding. The ashes must be processed to very high purity levels to create a quality diamond. Carbon refinement is achieved through heat processing in a vacuum environment, followed by purification by hand through various processes.

Depending on the color desired for a cremation diamond, one of three purity levels is achieved. The presence of nitrogen within ashes or hair will give the diamond from ashes a yellow glow. The removal of nitrogen through further purification results in a blue-hued diamond, thanks to the presence of the element boron, which originated in the stars of our universe. Ashes at the highest level of purity, achieved by precise extraction of elements like nitrogen and boron, yield clear, colorless diamonds from ashes. The purification procedure is one of the main factors determining the cost of making diamonds out of ashes.

Diamond formation

The physical steps of the process to make cremation diamond begin in an HPHT press under pristine laboratory conditions. A tiny diamond seed in prepared and placed in the bottom of the press’s core cube. The interior of the press is heated to over 2000 degrees C., melting the catalyst metal. The molten catalyst metal dissolves the purified carbon from the ashes or hair, which is then transferred to the diamond seed. On the seed it starts to crystallize and the beautiful diamond will start to grow. This process is the most cost intensive and takes up the major ashes into diamonds cost.

Cutting and polishing

The process to make diamonds from ashes continues with the cutting and polishing process. When the raw cremation diamond reaches the desired size, it will be cut by an expert, applying modern techniques to an art which has been in practice for hundreds of years. First, the diamonds from ashes undergo cross work wherein the main facets are placed on the diamond. This critical step ensures the best match of weight, clarity and facet angle to the shape of any particular diamond. Next, the main facets are smoothed in the process to make cremation diamond. This step is also known as “polishing”. Then the final facets, like the stars or the upper and lower girdle facets, are added, or “polished onto”, the diamond.

Every certified diamond is a real diamond

Created from carbon under similar heat and pressure conditions, a diamond from ashes is just as real a diamond as those formed beneath the earth over the course of many years. Although EverDear & Co. provides the lowest ashes into diamond cost in the market, their diamonds from ashes are subject to the same high standard and can be certified in the same way as natural diamonds by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Just as with natural diamonds, it is the type and quality of the cut which defines the sparkle of the finished cremation diamond. The traditional round cut -- used on every EverDear & Co. diamond -- yields the most brilliant result. It’s the round cut that springs to mind anytime the word “diamond” is mentioned. The high purity levels achieved by EverDear & Co. result in generally high clarity since there are almost no inclusions of natural substances from the original remains.

No matter the diamond is made naturally or artificially, with the certification of GIA, you can ensure your diamonds have same high standard

A cremation diamond is not just “any diamond”

Making diamonds out of ashes essentially turns a loss into a beautiful remembrance, keeping someone’s loved one near to them forever. Each EverDear & Co. diamond is totally unique. Differences in ash or hair account for variety amongst all diamonds from ashes. On top of that, every customer personally chooses the color and carat for the diamond memorializing his or her loved one. The final result is a one-of-a-kind diamond as individual and special as the relationship you enjoyed with your departed loved one, so making diamonds out of ashes is really a personalized and customized process, which is excellent value for the cost of ashes to diamond.

Isn’t it time you consider a cremation diamond?

Thanks to modern technology, the passing of a loved one doesn’t need to be a final parting. Turning ashes into diamonds helps you keep a beloved pet or person close to your heart and by your side. Whether as a sparkling gem on its own, or as the centerpiece in a fine jewelry setting, your diamond will last forever. An alternative to burial, the creation of a cremation diamond reduces stress on the environment and is completely conflict-free, and the cost of turning ashes into diamonds is not as high as you may think. For so many reasons, a cremation diamond is an amazing way to memorialize your loved one. Just like your love, EverDear & Co. diamonds are eternal. You can directly communicate with the professional team via their Facebook.