Biotic: Living factors in an ecosystem

Animals                Plants

Bohemian Waxwing                                                         Aspen Trees

Lynx                                                                                   Birch Trees

Moose                                                                             Evergreen Trees

Snowshoe Rabbit


Gray Wolf

Black Bear

Abiotic: Non-living things in an ecosystem

Cold Climate

Dry Air

Cold Water




Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity is the limit of animals there can be with how many resources are available.

Limiting Factors

Limiting factors are things such as food, water, shelter, and space. If there is not enough food or water for the leopards and other animals, they will die. If there is a lot of Limiting factors the population will increase.

Energy Roles

 Energy roles are roles that organisms have so that other organisms can get energy. Producers are vital the the system because plants get their energy from the sun and then makes their own food in which the herbivore then eats the plants and then the carnivore eats the herbivore and so on.

Food Web

Food Webs are more realistic because it shows more things that a certain organisms eat.



1,000,000 Kcal

1st Order Carnivores

Fox/Weasels,Birds and Moose/Elk

10,000 Kcal

Secondary Consumer


1,000 Kcal

Tertiary Consumer


100 Kcal


CO2+H2O ---> C6H12O6+O2  This is the chemical equation for photosynthesis. The plant needs sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water to start the photosynthesis process.

This is the process of photosynthesis.

Hydrotropism: Movement in response to water.

Geotropism: Movement in response to gravity.

Phototropism: Movement in response to light.

Thigmotropism: Movement in response to touch.


Decomposers are a vital part of the Taiga because they become nutrients for the trees and if that didn't happen then there would be no berries or seeds for the animals.

~ Leaves

~ Fungi

~ Nuts and Berries

~ Insects

~ And other plants


The importance of having adaptations is that if there weren't any then the animals and plants wouldn't be able to survive in the frosty cool terrain.

~The lynx and snow leopard have thick fur to protect them from the cold.

~ The tree leaves are very thin and bitter to make most of the animals not want to eat them which helps it survive.

If the Taiga plants and animals were to be placed in a different environment they wouldn't be able to survive for that long and most of the population would die out. Then eventually the plants and animals would adapt back to fit that environment.


Tropism is turning or bending movement of an organism toward or away from an external stimulus, such as light, heat, or gravity.

There are multiple trees in big clusters to take in more sunlight, which is an example of phototropism.

Phototropism help the Taiga significantly by producing photosynthesis which helps produce berries. The birds eat the berries and the other animals eat the birds and other animals.

Natural Selection

Natural selection is where organisms that have favorable traits survive and reproduce, and organisms with unfavorable traits die and do not pass on the trait.

Natural selection is important for organisms in a specific ecosystem because they allow organisms to adapt to an environment through mutations and old, not helpful traits will discontinue and new mutations that help an organism survive will be passed on so the next generations will have that helpful trait and they will survive easier.

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