End of Year College Project

Your end of year project will consist of completing the items below in a college portfolio format. Please post all of your completed work on your TACKK to receive credit for your work. Directions for each particular aspect of your project are below.

  1. College Application            
  2. FAFSA Form
  3. Job Application
  4. Persuasive Essay
  5. Letter of Recommendation    
  6. College / Career Presentation
  7. Cover Letter / Letter of Intent
  8. Resume              

College Application

Complete your college application by clicking on the link below. The application must include your full name in order to receive credit.


Please complete the FAFSA form by clicking on the link below. The application must include your full name in order to receive credit.

Job Application

Scholarship Persuasive Essay

Complete a persuasive essay response based on the following prompt: Please cut and paste your persuasive essay onto TACKK.


Letter of Recommendation

Write a letter for recommendation for your partner. In turn, your partner must also write a letter of recommendation for you. For information about writing a proper letter of recommendation, click the button below.

College / Career Presentation

The following must be included in your presentation in order to receive full credit:

  • College Name and Mascot
  • College History and Origin
  • College Fight Song (Use Youtube)
  • Admission Requirements (SAT / ACT Scores)
  • 1 Element of Student Life
  • A copy of your degree plan (Based on a major of your choice)
  • Your Career Description
  • Job Requirements (Tests, Certifications, etc.)

Cover Letter / Letter of Intent

Create a cover letter requesting an interview to am employer of your choice. Remember to use formal language and have correct formatting. If you need information regarding a proper cover letter, click the link below.

Create a resume that applies to the profession of your choice. Remember to include:

If you would like examples of resume templates, or would like to know more about the general formatting, click the link below.


Sample of a Completed Project

Need an example of a completed project? You can find one in the link below.