Name Poem


Kind, Honest, and Easy Going

Sister of Shannon, Caleb, Seth, and Collin

Lover of: quiet surroundings and the music playing through my headphones

Who feels: every emotion in every situation, happiness in the good, and relief in problems ending

Who needs: time with that special person, the security of being wanted, and my very next breath given by the One Above

Who gives to people in need.

Who fears: that the next breath you take me be your last, losing loved ones, and failing.

Who would like to see: to see the world change for the better, families come back together, and moving forward to my next step in life

Who lives: in a small home on First Street, in a home where God is number one, family is number two, putting the ones you love first, trusting that when you need the person you live with that they’ll be there whenever in trouble.