" The woman in the snow"

Inference chart

I think the story will be about a woman in the snow with her kid. Also I think that they might be left behind somewhere and don't know where to.

"That's when his headlights picked up the  figure of a woman running in the snow, without a hot, gloves, or boots." (259) This is kind of like my inference because Grady did leave the woman behind and won't let the woman ride the bus.

"Oh, please!" the young woman cried. "Feel her little head. It's so hot." She held out she baby to him. Grady recoiled"(260) Grady was being mean to the woman just because she don't have money and she is a color woman and just because he don't like color people.

"But just as he was making the turnaround at the east side loop, his headlight picked up a woman running in the snow the same woman he'd seen the previous year." (261) This is different from my inference because it seems like the woman died already and she is coming after him because he didn't help her.

"Come on honey get out of the cold" (264) I didn't realize that Ray will help Eula Mae Daniels and let her take the bus and also take her to the hospital.

"About the bus fare. No need for you to make a special trip...back. Consider it as a grift" (266) Ray is really nice to Eula Mae even if she's dead already but he still help her. He is a really kind man, he don't care about the colors.

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2 years ago

Good job! Now find a few more quotes and make inferences as we read the last part of the story.