The Stroke of a Brush

by Carter Welch

The breeze pours into the quaint mountainside town
like a faucet
mindlessly gushing
forgotten in a vacant house
sun and birds rip away
the suffocating night’s grip of death
handing the town a brand new breath
a lone car rambles by
with dawn in pursuit
shoving the meandering hills into view
branches tremble at the sight of fog
swiftly overtaking the valley
like the daybreak siege on Trenton

The dewdrops, fresh as a leaf of mint
tossed the city’s dwellers a hint
to take a hit of morning coffee
and rise up from their beds
like zombies stuck in a trance
in a dawny haze
my eyes flourish to crystal shards of light
peering through the bedroom window
a sparrow turns the page into morning
as it flaps near the window
and the little town’s chaos revives
like a defibrillator strikes a man
chinaware clatters at the local cafe
revealing a hectic morning of May
bicycles whir into the rising sun
as a silent sheep glares at the odd outsiders
ski lifts chomp at the bit
elated to get their days fit
I flutter my eyes
at the evergreen hills that tower like Goliath
and stroll onto Empire Avenue of the City of Parks
while the morning plays its melody on a harp

The midday sun rises on a valley of opportunity
to hike, to bike, to explore, oh my!
car horns honk
going berserk at the crossing of a few rams
who have nothing to do but lumber
with exuberant curiosity flowing through their veins
the parks of a city
of the same name
are filled to the brim
as shrieks from innocent children tumble around the valley
I observe from a mountaintop perch
I see paradise
a mecca of activity and nature
this is a place created by God
a pristine wonderland only seems possible to the heavens
but this is heaven on Earth
my mouth curls into an overwhelming smile
filling my body over the brim with joy
the flaunting bungalows in the distance
yelp for attention
chatter grows louder
as art galleries open their doors
calling for the beginning of a vibrant night
the sky bleeds orange
on a crash course with the moon and stars

I color on the walls
to paint a whole new picture
unveiling a night time of mystery and dramatic changes
One two three close my eyes and count to four
I can't blink too much
as the night needs to be savored
like ice cream on a hot summer’s dusk
through the crack of a doorway I see people shouting
in joy as steaming plates of food arrive
I spin
and meet the most breathtaking view ever witnessed
the moon is a Hollywood spotlight
as the stars send the city into a hypnotic daze
look up, look out!
what you see can’t be recreated
as those towering hills
that boulevard of lights
are a backdrop to a canvas loaded with color
striving to be full and happy
the view of the gleaming town
ghost-ridden mountains
and streaky night sky of Death
but realize!
that the view at hand
of people and land
is only one stroke of a brush
to my masterpiece of life
words paint pictures
much better than any painting
ever has

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