Meryl Anne Spat, Social Security Disability Lawyer

Although based out of Connecticut, Meryl Anne Spat maintains a law firm that caters to clients in different states. While she practices divorce law and workers' compensation law, she primarily focuses on social security disability law. Her experience has taught her the difficulties many people face when filing for benefits and responding to denials. Providing compassionate counsel to these individuals, Meryl Anne Spat offers reassurance through all stages of the process and recognizes how their lives are affected when contending with new medical conditions and possible loss of income. During her career, she has successfully defended people with disorders ranging from asthma and chest pain to epilepsy and mood disorders.

Visitors to can receive more information about Spat's services. The site posts examples of impairments approved for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income, as well as links to Social Security Administration definitions of these conditions. Additionally, browsers can learn that while the majority of claims are rejected at the initial court, nearly 65 percent of them are approved by the administrative law judges of the second stage. To make an appointment for a free consultation with Meryl Anne Spat, call 203-805-8256 or e-mail