Ancient Mesopotamia

By: Joshua Delgadillo

Picture of ziggurat

Ziggurat Of Ur

The Ziggurat of Ur located in Iraq and is made out of stone bricks. This Ziggurat used by the Sumerians and was a temple to worship the moon goddess Nanna. It was built by the Nammu of the Third Dynasty of Ur. Ziggurats were built to worship and prey to the gods. When a war is going on, it is used as a watch tower so if the enemy is advancing, it would give time for the army to get ready for battle.

                           This is an entertaining rap about Mesopotamia written by Mr. Nicky

Map of Mesopotamia and all the trade routes.

                                 This is a map of  Ancient Mesopotamia and it's trade routes, Mesopotamia is referred to as the land between two rivers and which is known today as Iraq.

                         Click on Mesopotamia Facts for kids, You know you want to.

This is a picture of the the first written language invented by the Sumerians called Cuneiform. They used it because they could keep a record of their transactions. They also needed another way to communicate and the Sumerians could send messages to lands far away without traveling.

The Sumerians used mud bricks to build shelter and temples. They dug dirt out of the ground and shaped it into a brick shaped and put it in the kiln and then baked.

The Sumerians developed irrigation which allowed them to control the water and how much the crops get. That helped them survive.

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