Metal Guide to Buy a Diamond

Well buying diamond products does not only involve the gemstone but also the respective metal that holds it. Therefore, there are innumerable factors involved that need to be considered before buying a diamond jewel. If it gets chaotic and confusing in deciding between platinum or white gold, then this is the space where you can ponder upon that aspect. Watch this diamond guide that will help you select the perfect metal after you decipher what each metal denotes. You will eventually be able to select a ring that you will cherish forever.


A white metal that displays a cool lustre, it is apt in showcasing the brilliance and the sparkle of the diamond or the gem and is one of the most popular choices for wedding bands or engagement rings. Also, it is the most expensive metals of all. If you try and compare this metal with gold, then you should know that platinum is rare, purer and durable. Also, its density provides for more security for gemstones along with the fact that people who have sensitive skin can select this metal without thinking twice.

Therefore, if you wish for a metal that does not fade or lose colour, then select platinum.


The next in this metal guide is gold; an extremely versatile metal, especially if you are looking out for diamond pendants. Gold is measured in karat and the purest gold is measured as 24 karats. Also, pure gold is comparatively softer; therefore gold is always mixed with other metals in order to increase the resilience. Therefore, you will only find pure gold in a larger quantity, say 22 karat while the rest of the mixture is silver, copper, zinc or nickel. The mixture of these metals also determines the colour and the following colours are available in gold jewellery.

  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose gold
  • Green gold


It is one of the most common options if you wish to select the perfect metal for your diamond. It is naturally white in colour along with the fact that it is lightweight and durable. It is rare and does not really require mixing it with an alloy since it is resilient and remains in the same state in the long run.

Hoping this diamond guide is useful for you to understand the difference between various metals so that you make an informed choice and pick your style to create the perfect diamond jewel that is as unique and beautiful as you are.