Metropolitan Shuttle

Nationwide Charter Transportation Solutions

About Metropolitan Shuttle

Serving transportation hubs nationwide, Metropolitan Shuttle partners with more than 600 charter bus companies in ensuring that clients’ journeys are quick, cost efficient, and comfortable. Metropolitan Shuttle takes pride in coordinating even the most complex itineraries required by its diverse customer base and engages with transportation providers on a daily basis to confirm that arrangements are proceeding on schedule.

With a major network spanning the Washington, DC, area, Metropolitan Shuttle possesses extensive experience in providing federal agencies with GSA ground transportation that adheres to strict SIN 411-1 regulations. The full range of services offered include daily and long-distance charters as well as car transportation. In addition, the company customizes daily commute solutions to diverse private sector needs that encompass transport to a variety of locations.

Demonstrating a strong community focus, Metropolitan Shuttle provided the nonprofit Horizons for Homeless Children with shuttle services throughout its two-day 2011 Young Children Without Homes National Conference in Washington, DC.

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