My Music Resume

Libby Bieri

Grade: 11th

Instrument: Flute, Piccolo


 Waller Mill Elementary School Music Teacher, Terry Lensenmeyer

  Piano Teacher, Mrs. Krause

  Queens Lake middle School Band Director, James Patterson

  Flute private lessons teacher, Margaret Carlson

  Bruton High School Band Director, Cara Townsend

About me: I began playing flute in 6th grade at Queens Lake Middle School with Mr. James Patterson. I originally wanted to be a percussionist, however, I’m glad Mr. Patterson convinced me to start on the flute! I am currently a part of the Bruton High School marching band, concert band and pit orchestra. I play piccolo during marching season and switch over to flute at the beginning of concert season each year. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to participate in all the Bruton High School band has to offer and I can’t wait to hopefully spread my love of music to you!

Goals and Expectations: I my opinion, learning music is a process of building upon knowledge. I learn something new every time I practice, and I want you to do the same. I hope to teach you all twelve major scales and the chromatic scale. Overall, I hope to make you a better musican, by having fun of course! After all, music is enjoyable :-)

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