People from developing nations

You are: People from developing nations: Some (though not all) of you may be desperately poor and may have children exhibiting symptoms of vitamin A deficiency. No solution to this critical health problem is immediately available, and you will argue that golden rice is desperately needed because the effects of malnutrition are so severe.

You believe strongly in the Golden Rice project and how it will change the lives of people in these countries. You will argue points regarding to Nutrition and disease and will use statistics based on Death toll and disease in both children and adults.

The World Health Organisation will provide some good background information.


The WHO will soon convene a hearing (the WHO “Panel of Arbitrators”) to determine whether to they should be in favour of or opposed to the development and distribution of golden rice. They have invited four different groups to advise them on this matter.
The four groups are as follows: (1) Friends of the Earth; (2) Philippine Partnership for Development Farmer-Research Scientists (MASIPAG); (3) People from Developing Nations; and (4) the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).

YOU WILL ....argue that the technology should be pursued because you think that golden rice is an answer to the people and will prevent starvation and death throughout the world. The first two groups see golden rice as a hindrance and will argue against its development.

Use the task sheet below to help structure your argument:

After you have done your research and structured your main ideas you will need to present your findings as a presentation to the rest of the groups. Your AIM will be to convince them that your ideas makes the most sense and will be best for everyone concerned.