Colorado University of Boulder


CU Boulder has two mascots:



Campus History and origin

Colorado University of Boulder(CU Boulder) was founded in 1876, the same year that the state of Colorado was founded. The first class was composed of 44 students and 3 instructors. CU Boulder is the flagship public research university for Colorado and has received many Nobel laureates, MacArthur Fellows, and elected members of national organizations and academies.

CU Boulder is situated on the Flatirons of Colorado and surrounded by Mountains. The campus is settled in a very beautiful place where the Rocky Mountains are always in view. The scenery in Boulder is breathtaking with nature all around.

CU Boulder is home to one of the most popular college mascots, Ralphie the Buffalo(Ralphie IV). Ralphie and her handlers lead the football team onto the field at the beginning and middle of every home game.


admission requirements

Admissions Data (2012):

Percent of Applicants Admitted: 88%

Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile

SAT Critical Reading: 520 / 630

SAT Math: 540 / 650

SAT Writing: - / -

ACT Composite: 24 / 29

ACT English: 23 / 30

ACT Math: 23 / 29

Tuition and Costs

Campus Life

Colorado Shakespeare Festival

In association with CU Boulder, the Colorado Shakespeare Festival has put together an annual festival that celebrates the works of Shakespeare.

Degree Plan: Computer Science

Requirements for Degree

Major Core: PYS 2420, History 1301, ASTR 1307, CS 3195, GEOL 1313, MATH 1312

Concentration: CHEM 1305, CS 3320, MATH 1411

Electives: CS 3360, GEOL 3412, MATH 3319

Cover Letter

Reggie Fils-Aime

Nintendo of America Inc.

4600 150th Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052

October 16, 2022

Greetings Reggie,

I am applying at Nintendo to become a Video Game Designer. As of my meeting with you in January, I have received my Ph.D. in computer science.

With the experience I gained while studying computer science, I have an understanding of what the real world job is like. Many of my projects simulate what it is like working with a team while designing a video game. Each time I have volunteered to lead a group, my team successfully created a game from scratch and received the highest grade. I know that I am capable of designing high selling games that will benefit the company.

Studying computer science will give me a huge lead in knowing what it means to be a video game designer. My creativity will help me in my works of designing the game that i work on. Since i was a child I have thought of many ideas that will be a big sale.


Caden Clouse

Vegetarian Beef Ct.



Letter Of Recomendation

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation in regards to Caden at working at your fine establishment of GameStop®. Caden Clouse is a responsible, Intelligent, Comedic, and very social. He is also in his own words “Dank like a Tank”. He strives to be the very best at his profession, which will involve robotics, and I do believe that this is a very

important experience for him to get an idea of electronics

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Clouse for nearly a decade, and I can say that he is very well versed in the video game industry (particularly Nintendo®) and has a very advanced understanding of retail and finances. Caden is very humourous, and is quite entertaining to be around with. Mr. Clouse can be very serious when needed to be, externally he may not look like it, but internally yes. Clouse can also be very competitive, but has nearly flawless teamwork skills, he is also understanding, respectful and charismatic.

I have no traces of doubt that Mr. Clouse will be a very successful and valuable employee under your employment. If you would like to go more in depth about Mr. Clouse, contact me at, or via phone at (911) 420-6969

Persuasive Essay

Hello to the board of Colorado University of Boulder. I am writing this letter in hopes of being accepted into your college. CU Boulder has been the college I have wanted to go to since my brother was accepted into it. I would like to go to your college to major in Computer Science. My dream job is to become a video game designer at Nintendo. I know that going to your university will help me achieve my goal on working for them. I will be a good addition to your university because i have a drive that will help me work and I am dedicated to achieving my dream.

Going to your school is very personal to me. My brother was accepted into your college and is on his way to getting his Judicial Doctorate now. I would like to go to the same college he did. Along with this, I was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When i visited my brother in Boulder, it was a very calming place to me and is a place I would like to live. When I visited the campus with my brother it was a very colorful place. Going to your college would be a huge honor to me.

Going to CU Boulder will be a huge help in achieving my goal of becoming a video game designer. I know I will work hard because I know that if I do not I will not be able to achieve my goal. I am determined to reach my goal and will not slack. Accepting me into your university will not be a mistake.

Earning a degree in computer science will always be my life goal. Going to your university is where I want learn and earn my degree. If you accept me into your university I will be more than grateful and will work my hardest.


}Caden Clouse

Phone: (666) 747-1986



Since I was a child I wanted to be a Video Game Designer. Now that I have my Ph.D. in Computer Science I can finally do this. I would like to be one of Nintendo’s main Video Game Designers that works on some of the main series games.


Ph.D. in Computer Science (05/28/22)

} Graduated in the top 10% at Colorado University of Boulder

} Designed many games for projects


Manager (03/18/19 –07/12/22)

GameStop(1958 Guaca St.)

I had to order the stores products and look over the workers.


} Creative

} Determined

} Capable of designing new game ideas

} Capable of designing the game

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